Molly McCaffrey

July 23, 2011 • The book is here!

How To Survive Graduate School & Other Disasters has arrived, and it looks outstanding!!!!! A big thanks to publisher extraordinaire Scott Douglass, fiction editor Craig Renfroe, and everyone at Main Street Rag Publishing for making it happen. I could not be happier!


June 20, 2011 • The new I Will Not Diet website is up and running.

I Will Not Diet has been given a new look thanks to my amazing web designer, Kara Thurmond. See the new logo and revamped site at at and visit Kara’s fabulous site at


June 15, 2011 • Coming soon—a new site for I Will Not Diet

I’ve been working on the design for this new website and a redesign for I Will Not Diet for W E E K S ! ! ! At times I’ve wanted to chuck my computer out the window and just give up, but now my role in this processs is finished so I can pass off to my amazingly patient web designer, Kara Thurmond, and get back to what I like to do most: writing. I hope you like the results. 


June 10, 2011 • Release date announced

Good news! How to Survive Graduate School & Other Disasters will be released July 15th—just in time for late summer beach reading. Watch the mail for your copy or order now!