August 12, 2013 • Finished!

Great news—I finished my memoir about meeting my biological family this week after more than four years of work and am now ready to start the frightening process of trying to find an agent to represent it. Wish me luck because I'll need it! 

When I was in the middle of writing the memoir, I said this about it on Facebook: Writing a memoir is like entering a tunnel of dark memories. You're never really entirely sure you want to go inside, and you can't see the light on either end when you're in the middle of it.

I still feel that way about memoir writing.

It's much more frightening and anxiety-ridden to me than writing fiction. But I know not everyone agrees. Ayelet Waldman, author of Bad Mother, famously said that she "puked" out her memoir, implying that it was easy for her to write. 

I wish I felt the same way, but I don't. And that's why I admire the hell out of everyone out there who is willing to tell a true story.