November 20, 2011 • What can I say about high school?

My high school newspaper, The Roar, just sent me some interview questions for a story they're doing about How To Survive Graduate School & Other Disasters, and I found myself completely stumped by the first question: "What is your most memorable experience from high school?"

Honestly, my most memorable experiences from high school are all pretty out of control and have to do with drinking in the darkroom, stealing fetal pigs, and blowing up toilets. (Not that I was personally involved with either of the latter, but I was certainly guilty of the former.)

For this reason, I wasn't sure how to answer, but this is what I finally wrote: "That’s a tough question to answer because what I remember most was probably not the kind of thing you’d want to print. Let’s just say I had so many memorable moments in high school—and watched so many memorable things happen—that I’ll have enough to write about the rest of my life."